This isn’t for you

I’ve been talking a lot about critique and comparisons. I hear so many people being down on themselves because someone doesn’t like what they’re saying

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I made this for you

Who doesn’t want to feel special? The truth is a feeling of belonging is fundamental to our wellbeing. It trumps our need for self-agency and

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Beyond transactional

Warning – this is a slightly bamboozled micro rant, but with something deep embedded. I’m talking to a friend about changes in employment law, specifically

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Selling thoughts

I’m not a professional marketeer but I’m absolutely fascinated by marketing.  How the message is brought into being and then distilled like poetry.  How images and environments are

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Expensive money

Money is one of the biggest sources of conflict, stress, and anxiety in our lives. We spend countless hours worrying about it yet most of

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Volunteers not victims

Beyond the obvious of making some money to pay some bills, what’s the point of running a business? There is a simple answer, it’s about

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Integrity VS Pride

You’re being stubborn, sticking to your guns, defending your values.It’s not life or death but a matter of boundaries and integrity. Then the other party

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