12 weeks to a life of meaning and purpose

The idea of the dojo came from a client. A set programme that could pack so much transformation into a short period of time at a price that was accessible.

I looked at my own challenges, the challenges of the guys I'd helped and looked for convergence. While there are loads of words that describe the starting point, it seems that most of us are feeling lost and unfulfilled. But what are we looking for? Again there are so many possible words we could use to describe the idea in our heads but it seems that we all want a life of meaning and purpose you can be proud of. A life with stuff, a wonderful career, with a quiet mind while feeling alive and free.

So I created the mindset dojo...

You'll probably enjoy the dojo if you recognise yourself in these statements:

  • DIRECTION: You feel adrift and rudderless.  You have a sense there is something more for you, but you can’t muster consistent energy or it eludes you.
  • MASCULINITY & IDENTITY: You struggle with societal expectations of what it means to be a man, leading to confusion or conflict around your identity and masculinity.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: You’re up and down with challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and stress.  You might feel reluctant to seek help due to social stigma or a belief that you should be able to handle your problems on your own. (Which is bollocks by the way).
  • RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: It’s a challenge  to maintain healthy relationships with romantic partners, family members, friends, and colleagues, due to communication issues, trust issues, and/or difficulty in expressing emotions.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: You struggle to balance work responsibilities with personal and family life, leading to stress, burnout, and feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
  • FINANCIAL STRESS: You’re feeling financial stress due to job loss, debt, or other financial burdens, which impact your mental health and overall well-being.
  • CAREER: You want to make a greater impact and manage your career with confidence.
  • FULFILMENT: You might have all the stuff of success, but you don’t feel like a success and you’re forever comparing yourself.

What I'll teach you:

  • CLARITY:  A whole new way of seeing the world and your self that will totally shift your experience and how you show up in the world. 

  • CONFIDENCE .   A Deep inner confidence in all situations will come from knowing , owning and being your authentic self (Identity).  You’ll learn to be unapologetically authentic and comfortable in your own skin. It’s one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

  • EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE. When you know who you really are and how your experience is being created, your innate emotional resilience will shine through.  Think water off a ducks back or the teflon kid.

  • PURPOSE. You’ll connect to a deeper purpose and bring more meaning to what you do.  You’ll have more inspiration and motivation to do the work that makes your dreams reality.

  • PRESENCE & IMPACT.  You’ll lead, influence and serve more profoundly, with a new appreciation for commitment and integrity.  Your level of presence will increase and you’ll see more results and success.

  • STRUCTURE.  With a new understanding, principles emerge.  With the support of systems, habits and routines ,you’ll learn to simplify, radically prioritise and set boundaries and will experience leaps in productivity, you’ll focus on the right things and make effective decisions quickly that make the biggest difference.

  • LIFE. Your transformation will include a thorough modification of your relationship with yourself, your work and other people. You’ll enjoy more time in the day and a deep, sustainable feeling of wellbeing. 

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A no hassle conversation to explore the week by week content and if this is the right programme for you.

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