Build a rock solid mindset and elite performance to create a life of liberation and wellbeing


Sapped of mental and physical energy, feeling stuck, exhausted, miserable, and stressed?

Experiencing restless nights where you are kept awake with worry and critical thinking that lead into sluggish days where you can’t think straight?

Overwhelmed with the demands and strains on you getting worse leading to stressful days where an end time seems like a myth?

Questioning why you push and struggle to keep going when you know deep down you’re overworked and  dissatisfied?

Feeling rudderless, your life is losing its joy and you’re existing rather than truly living? 

Dreaming of something better for yourself, your customers, and even the world?

Questioning everything and want to be defined by more than your career, your business, and the labels other people give you?

Dreaming of creating a legacy, making a difference, and having an impact?

Wanting to be happy, feel alive and at peace with yourself?


If you’re nodding to yourself and ready to do something about it, you’re in the right place.


The Level 7 approach works because it brings clarity to the future you want to create. It’s orientating and gives a purpose to your stride that people notice. 

When you have purpose, this brings shape to your identity and you feel more confident. You’re taken more seriously by your manager, your customers and everyone; because they see that you’re self assured and a passionate fire burns inside.  

When you know yourself & you are self assured, you become more grounded, fear reduces and resilience grows .  It leads to more inner peace. 

When you have more inner peace, people trust you, because you’re not needy.  Your relationships grow and become more meaningful.

When you’re not needy, you free up oceans of energy to build systems and skills that multiply your impact and value. 

As your impact and value increases so does your success. 

Success increases how alive you feel and the amount of freedom you enjoy.

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For Freedom and Wellbeing

Why are we not all living wonderful, stress-free lives when, on paper, we should be living the dream with all the stuff of success? 

This is the question that drives the work I do with my clients. 

I can tell you that mostly it boils down to conditioning, the perpetuation of activities that got us here and the truth that most of us are looking for a material solution to a psychological problem. 

It’s a game you will never win, yet there is another way to play.  It’s not selfish or self-indulgent but an act of self revolution!

I’m Robin, and I forge continuous excellence and fulfilment through clarity, focus & self-mastery.  

No ‘hacks’, only the stuff that really works.

If you’re ready, I’ll show you how.

A Secret Weapon

People come to me because they’ve decided to take ownership of their lives - they just need a secret weapon to help them.

“Robin is an especially experienced coach who will challenge you to think bigger and live happier. I found him to be very quick to understand where I'm at and where I really want to go. He is perceptive and his breath and depth of knowledge across numerous fields, helps you join the dots. Robin also encouraged me to change many unhelpful work practices, which I was able to achieve quite fast. Do you want freedom? Robin is liberating.”
"Robin is a perceptive, insightful, and gifted coach. He is grounded, thoughtful and direct. Robin is extremely well versed in business and psychology, and he provides great resources, techniques, and tools to apply at just the right moment. I appreciate how Robin helps me see things from a different perspective and has guided me to higher and more effective thinking, as well as working through strategies that promote success. He has just the right balance of coaching, planning, goal setting and follow up. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent with Robin and recommend him without reservation for anyone in need of coaching."
"Robin has a fantastic way of bringing out the best in people. His coaching sessions leave you feeling positive and energised. He uses his considerable knowledge and experience to gently challenge the way you think. He does this using several techniques that help you to ask the right questions, find answers to these questions and ultimately progress your career. I wholeheartedly recommend his services."
"I highly recommend Robin from Level Seven Coaching. Not only is Robin extremely approachable - he has a rare, and amazing fusion, of personal, business, leadership and techie insight. Very well read, he’s able to seamlessly transition from idea to idea, and he has the ability to process through mess and muddle, leaving me with a succinct and clear plan of action."
"This morning I did something that I previously wouldn't have been able to do. I might not have jumped out of a plane from 10,000 feet but today I got outside my own personal comfort zone and I'm still here to tell the tale. As opposed to worrying myself silly with hundreds of negative possible scenarios, I chose 'the moment' over 'the thoughts' and just did it. I cant thank Robin Goldsbro enough"
"Robin has seen it all with my business and he has provided unwavering, valuable and reliable support throughout. I run a creative business, serving creative clients, so I like to do things differently. Robin not only understands that but encourages and enables it, adapting his style and approach to reflect me and my business aims. I can trust Robin implicitly am grateful to have him in my corner cheering me on."

A deep conversation will change your life.

Your entire world can change in an instant.

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