on a mission to help men feel confident, emotionally complete and internally prosperous

Get real with me for a few minutes.  We have a serious societal misunderstanding about what it means to be a successful man. This misunderstanding and out dated archetype is causing suffering and it’s holding us back from our potential.  

We’ve adopted the idea that to be a man we should ‘suck it up’ and silently endure our feelings. That being dominant and gregarious are signs of confidence,  while suppressing vulnerability and sensitivity are signs of strength.  

A belief that reckless behaviour is a sign of courage, and showing compassion, empathy and expressing our emotions, are signs of weakness.   That success is about social stratification, even if you feel empty on the inside. 

It’s bollocks, outdated at best, and the opposite to what science and psychology tell us.  It’s a game we never win because as soon as we think we have we adapt and another story, comparison, ‘yes but’ comes into our mind.  

How we struggle when we play this game

Feeling adrift and rudderless; unable to muster consistent energy

Confusion or conflict around your identity and masculinity

Not getting help due to social stigma or what we think it means about us

Difficulty expressing emotions, communication & trust issues

Struggles to balance work responsibilities with personal and family life

Stress, burnout, and feelings of guilt or inadequacy

Loads of stuff of success, but we don't feel like a success

Constantly comparing, pushing and we never feel like we've arrived

I was that guy (see about) but I worked on myself and broke free of the endless cycle.

I left the corporate world to be my own man, and now I help other guys do the same.    

What I show you is how to see and break these patterns and cycles which keep you stuck and unfulfilled. I get you off the hedonic hamster-wheel, so you start truly living your life, feeling innately good, authentically confident and rejection-proof.

When you live inside that space, you seek out what really matters, be that a new job, relationship or inner peace, and regardless of the specific outcome, you will know yourself to be successful.

If you’d like to feel this way, I can help…

This is the high level journey

It starts with clarity on what masculinity really is and what it’s not.  When you’re clear on the architecture,  we explore the science of how your brain and mind work.  When you understand how your brain works, you develop internal resilience and self-belief and this leads to deep confidence. When you show up with this level of confidence, your identity changes, you become more aligned with yourself and you feel less stress and anxiety
Once clear on who you are, we build habits and systems to protect the asset – you.  Now secure in yourself, we create meaning and purpose in your life, which leads to more motivation and energy.  We use the motivation and energy to build and maintain the relationships you need to thrive
With deep grounding in place, it becomes clear  where you need to focus to become productive and effective, which leads to more impact.  Impact leads to a better career and more success.  This ignites your life.  You feel alive and free. 

Two ways we can work together

The mindset dojo is a fixed programme that lasts 12 weeks. It will take you through the about journey in a structured way and I’ll meet with you every week.   You can complete the programme 1:1 or in a group.  
Not everyone wants a set programme.  If you’re looking for a different level of support I can build a tailor made programme just for you.  These programmes are 1:1 and can last 3 hours to a whole year.

The conversation that will change your life.

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