Your Real Story

Inside us all there is a story. It’s the most important story we’re ever going to tell. It’s the story about who we are, what we believe in, what we stand for and the world we want to create. It’s our story of freedom and it will be our legacy.

Inside us all there is a story. It’s the most important story we’re ever going to tell. 

DO YOU WANT TO change your story?

I know that despite all our successes we can still feel powerless and a failure, regardless of who tells us otherwise. We can worry about being judged and being ‘found out’.

On the outside we can appear to have everything, all the traditionally accepted attributes that signify success, but on the inside, we can lack the experience of success; feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

We can feel like our successes are golden handcuffs, taking us further away from what we really want; with our house, job and belongings owning us.

We can sense our life of purpose, freedom and fulfilment, but be paralysed by a fear of failure and rejection. We can exist in the comfortable space between desperation and inspiration, which never leads to the deep fulfilment we seek.

There is a worse feeling, and that’s one of regret. Looking back on what could have been if only you took a step outside your comfort zone.

If you say

If you feel



When you are ready

A wealth of life coaching knowledge
Begin Life Coaching Leeds

Life coaching

Includes personal development, career coaching, leadership coaching and overcoming anxiety, habits and phobias.

Executive & Business Coaching

Includes executive leadership coaching, business coaching and emotional intelligence EQ-i 2.0® Assessments.

Wild - a unique experience

This is a special life coaching intensive that I only offer twice a year. Creating an extraordinary experience of powerful life coaching in the Swedish wilderness.

For that level of change

A Secret weapon

About my clients. My clients come to me for life coaching because they’ve decided to own their life and they want a secret weapon to help them. They come from all walks of life: Business owners & entrepreneurs, executives, doctors, professors, leaders and people just like you.

“Through Robins coaching, I feel a better person, he’s made me think differently. Helping me think in a different way, has resulted in better and quicker results, not just for me, but others too.”
Senior Business Leader
“Robin was a revelation for my mind and my mental health, my way of thinking and approaching others has changed dramatically.””
Business Owner
“It wasn’t always easy, I learnt some things about myself I didn’t particularly like but the first part of change is knowing yourself and Robin helped that happen.”
Business Owner
Due to his coaching I have started my own business, it’s early days but things are off to a good start and I can attribute this to the soft skills Robin has helped me nurture.”
“Robin helped me to take control of my anxiety and understand I have the power to change how I feel about things.”
Change Manager
“It was truly was life changing, I am looking at life in a much better light, and today I actually started my new job. I haven’t stopped singing your praises, it was revolutionary.”
Project Manager

Become who you are

Most people think you need confidence to change your life but that’s not true… Confidence is an outcome of doing. What you need is courage. I’m going to show you how to manage your fear, get in touch with what’s authentically you and build contagious energy so you’re unstoppable.

A deep conversation can be magical.

Your entire world can change in an instant.

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