Your Mind is either your greatest asset or your biggest liability

Empowering you to harness your mind for confidence, resilience, relationships and peak performance.

About the Mind

Your mind serves as the pivotal force shaping every facet of your experience, from the confidence to go after what you want, the resilience to navigate stress and vulnerability, to the focus to perform and build connections.

Omnipresent in your daily life, your mind affects everything from feelings of capability to worthiness. It is both the architect and arbitrator of your existence, influencing the very essence of fulfilment and happiness.

Recognising the profound influence your mind holds, mastering its potential becomes the most significant investment you can make.

What could be more important than understanding how you utilise your mind?

About Me

I specialise in orchestrating a holistic level of support for business owners, professionals, and individuals who seek more fulfilling careers, personal lives and businesses.

Central to my approach is a deep understanding and harnessing of the mind, as it serves as the primary influencer of our success.

Through a unique fusion of behavioural and neuroscience, psychology, senior leadership experience, and management consulting, I can offer a comprehensive level of assistance for those seeking executive coaching and business coaching.

Holistic executive coaching support

Executive Coaching

Emotional Intelligence & mindset

Mastering your mind, enhancing your confidence, resilience, and working smarter.

Career Coaching Leeds

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching

Lead, impact and transform your unique aspirations into achievements. 



Business Coaching & Culture Change

Sleeves up and working with you shoulder to shoulder to create change in your business.

The Leaders I work with

I collaborate with a diverse range of professionals, business owners, and freelancers, empowering them to level up, refine, enhance, and propel their Leadership, confidence, mindset and business to new heights.

It’s my privilege to provide coaching to leaders, founders, and executives, spanning various industries including Technology, Legal, Healthcare, Marketing, Finance, and Education.

Emotional Intelligence Training Leeds depiction - Female Leader showing her engagement and EQ

Enhance your mind 4 ways


Take a mini mindset course.

Watch my video’s, read and listen to my latest insights. Free workbooks and guides.

Includes other goodies

EQ Edge

A leadership psychometric assessment measuring 15 areas.  A personalised 20 page report with a detailed personal action plan.

Includes a 3 hour intensive

Mindset Dojo

Confidence, resilience  and peak performance in 12 weeks.

My ultimate  mindset training programme includes Video, Audio and 1:1 coaching.

Bespoke 1:1

Build a unique coaching programme designed specifically for you and your aspirations.

Includes intensives, sprints, psychometric assessments.

Get The Mental Edge

Get weekly insights with profound wisdom you can put into action at work and home.

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