5 ways to stop overwhelm

We all bite off more than we chew sometimes. 

It’s part of pushing ourselves to be the best we can be, but can it can also lead to acute feelings of being overwhelmed.

When you feel overwhelmed, here are five ways to regain control…

  1. Know that it will change.
  2. Get clear on the finish line and what the finish line looks like.
  3. Take a break. There is a law of diminishing returns and you need to manage your energy. Come back later with a fresh perspective.
  4. Don’t keep bailing water out of the boat. Find the hole and plug it. Then bail.
  5. Take action. It will make you feel better and in control. Worry it will be the wrong move…read this.

You’ve had tough times before and got through it, even when you were unsure.

Remember one of those times now… it made you more capable. This will be no different.

You’ve got this.

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