A conversation – but will I do it?

But will I do it?????

ME: I’m sorry but I don’t understand, will you do what?

THEM: The work, to get the results.

ME: What makes you ask that?

THEM: It’s just that I’ve done stuff like this before and not had great results. I always intend to do the work but other stuff gets in the way.

ME: I think that’s the problem. Your intentions.

THEM: What do you mean?

ME: Have you considered that ‘Intentions’ are not the same things as ‘Commitments’?

THEM: I don’t follow.

ME: Consider this – Are you interested in these outcomes or do you want them? One is an intention, the other is a commitment.

ME: The question you need to ask is “do you want it?” If you want it, we can create it. But you have to want it, so you can commit.

SO I ASK YOU…  What are you ready to commit to?

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