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Robin Goldsbro, executive coach Leeds

I specialise in executive coaching based in Leeds, dedicated to empowering business owners and leaders to amplify their influence and drive meaningful transformation within themselves and their organisations. My core focus is on liberating the mind from limitations that hinder both inner states and external performance. 

I have a background in senior leadership, managing large scale departments in International businesses.  I have extensive business experience in technology,  legal, HR, marketing, construction, health care and printing among others. I’m known for creating change, challenging the status quo, and daring people to believe in themselves and think bigger.

Robin Goldsbro executive coach in Leeds
Life coaching Leeds - Robin Goldsbro with family
Life coach Robin Goldsbro
Life coach Leeds

My Backstory

My childhood was one of juxtaposition. We were comfortable, and I lacked for nothing, but poverty and suffering surrounded me, and I saw it every day. It left a profound impression.

I struggled at school. I didn’t feel like I fit in and lessons were difficult for me.  When I was about 12, my math teacher called me a stupid boy in front of the class. I ended school with mediocre grades, reaffirming that I was a “stupid boy.” It would be 25 years before the label really came off. It took an encouraging teacher at college to help me realise my optimal learning methods. And while I got excellent grades from that point, the internal label of “stupid boy” persisted.

When I was 18, I had a rock-climbing accident, resulting in a broken neck. I felt like my life was over, but it wasn’t, only different than I’d imagined.   Though I don’t climb anymore, I still spend most of my free time outdoors. The accident serves as a reminder not to squander life.

At work, I pushed myself, studied, and pursued opportunities, pushing through self-consciousness and fear. By conventional standards, I was successful and while on paper, I should have been living the dream, I still felt like a “stupid boy,” struggling with people and feeling different.

I hated feeling the way I did and consumed everything I could to build my confidence, shed that label and understand people better.  While at O2, I was assigned a coach; it moved me from reading books to getting real help. It made all the difference. From that point, I immersed myself in courses to become a coach and better leader, delving into all aspects of change and psychology. Over the years, I’ve worked with great coaches and therapists, learning from them and addressing my own challenges. As I shed my conditioning, I started to realise that I was climbing someone else’s ladder, and my passion for getting to the top started to dwindle, leaving me feeling directionless and trapped with golden handcuffs.

In 2014 I had an insight: I should qualify as a consultant, leverage my coaching and change work, and build my own business, something that brought me meaning and purpose.

Along the way I’ve had a cancer scare which introduced health-related anxiety into my life, a struggle I faced for 18 daunting months. At 30, I was diagnosed with arthritis, presenting a new challenge. Yet I overcame them, learning new ways to accept what is and adapt.

I’ve experienced the complexities of marriage and divorce, navigating through the antiquated legal system to secure more access to my children.

Despite life’s challenges, I’ve remained an adventurer at heart, finding inspiration and joy in the great outdoors, with my love and three amazing children. 

Realisations, values & mission


I know that behind all our striving is a desire for a feeling we might call it happiness or fulfilment. We seek ‘success’ on the outside, but it’s only ever to alleviate the feelings on the inside.

Our thoughts are shaped by our environment, forming beliefs that lead to needless striving, comparison and suffering. Yet, despite our layers of conditioning, our natural state persists like an oak table under layer of paint, we need only recognise this fact to realise we possess everything necessary to create the lives we want.  When we recognise this our innate confidence, resilience, peace are revied along with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. 

Everything we want is on the other side of learning how to harness our minds. It makes the greatest difference to our well-being, external success, and all aspects of life. When we stop getting in our own way, we make the most progress.

What am I hoping to achieve? I’d like to see a world where everyone can live freely and without emotional suffering. We need progressive leaders to build this world who recognise and harness their innate capabilities and well-being, fostering a life of profound meaning, purpose, and positive impact.  

It’s my mission to awaken that within them.


Open: Embrace diversity and unity, fostering a welcoming environment without criticism or prejudice, encouraging innovative thinking and compassion.

Bold: Fearlessly initiate change, challenge norms, and advocate for what’s right, demonstrating courage and exploration.

Trusted: Uphold honesty, reliability, and authenticity, maintaining a reputation of integrity and transparency.

Clear: Maintain a strong presence while communicating plainly and directly, ensuring focused attention and clarity in all actions and interactions.

Freedom: Embrace individuality, allowing for self-expression and pursuing passions without infringing on others’ well-being.

Qualifications that help me be the best executive coach I can be

My Qualifications

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