"In the time I have been working with Robin I have found him to be very knowledgeable in his field, straightforward in his approach and easy to relate to. Robin has been a great coach to me both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend his service to others."
"I have worked with Robin over the past year through a rather difficult work year . He was very good in his approach and took me through a tool set of reviews to help me understand how my style impact on those at work, but also how the work culture affects me and how to manage that . We had specific sessions to deal with specific events that were enlightening, helpful, structured and brought me to a much better outcome and place than I could have achieved alone . Thanks Robin for your support. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional coach."

About Robin

Success is not something to be pursued. It’s something that happens because of the person you become.


Hey, I’m Robin. In my past life, I was a senior leader, managing over 100 people in the technology industry. I was known for creating change, challenging the status quo, and daring people to believe in themselves and think bigger. But my story has not been without its challenges.

I’ve lived the corporate life and led people through difficult times, coping with the emotions and fears that accompany making people redundant, and facing redundancy myself. I pushed myself to climb the corporate ladder, only to realise (perhaps accept) that the ladder was BS.

I’ve always loved learning and personal development, but following professional strain, health-related anxiety, and a difficult divorce, I immersed myself further into coaching and launched my own business. I’ve learned to surf the ups and downs of life and now coach using the exact tools I’ve put into practice – that’s how I know this stuff works!

What I’ve learned through my training and personal experience is that growth isn’t linear, it’s emergent, which is why my hybrid Level Seven approach is so effective. We pivot seamlessly between the practical matters of running your business and the deeper, personal inner work needed to achieve your vision.

My commitment to you is to be the best ally you will ever have, to hold you to your highest and have your back in ways you’ve never experienced.

  1. I will be real and authentic.
  2. I will hide nothing and hold nothing back.
  3. I will show up prepared, on time, and play full out.
  4. I will hold every engagement in the sacred place where miracles can and do happen.

Life & Business // Coach

Robin Goldsbro

My Story

My story goes back a long way. It’s not been plain sailing and I’ve overcome some serious challenges. When it comes to high impact coaching I believe that’s really important.

I struggled at school. I didn’t feel stupid but the lessons didn’t seem to go in like they appeared to for others.  I felt self-conscious and didn’t want to ask for help because I knew it would draw attention.  I had to go to college to get better grades, I was embarrassed and it stung.  

I had a rock climbing accident when I was 18 and broke my neck.  I thought my life of adventure was over, but it wasn’t. I learnt to pivot!

I’ve been married and divorced.  I’ve gone the whole 9 yards through court, running out of money to pay for legal representation and having to represent myself.  I’ve fought through court to see my children more, because my ex-wife and I see the world differently.

I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 30 and I’ve had to come to terms with this and learn to manage it, even though it meant overcoming my fear of needles to give myself weekly injections.  

I had a skin cancer scare that knocked me on my arse with health related anxiety for 18 months.  Though my heartbeat still quickens whenever I visit the doctor, I’ve learnt how to control my anxiety, so it doesn’t impact my life.

I’ve had the corporate life, leading teams of over 100 people. I’ve led through seriously difficult times, having to make people I care about redundant, moving their work to other countries. I’ve been made redundant myself and navigated all the emotions and fears that this can invoke. Over many years, I pushed myself to climb the corporate ladder, only to realise my ladder was against the wrong wall.  

I’ve run a business and learned to surf the ups and downs of this life, not to mention managing that ‘oh shit’ feeling, that makes you want to be sick and run away when you’ve no money to pay yourself and you have responsibilities.

What others say...

Robin has a fantastic way of bringing out the best in people. His coaching sessions leave you feeling positive and energised. He uses his considerable knowledge and experience to gently challenge the way you think. He does this using several techniques that help you to ask the right questions, find answers to these questions and ultimately progress your career. He equally works well in a team setting, teaching new techniques and helping keep the meeting/workshop focused and on track. If you’re looking for help developing your team, or for personal one to one life coaching then I wholeheartedly recommend his services.”
Dan Simms
I had a huge win yesterday. I did the “Envision Your Future Session” with someone who is a very big influencer that used to be my boss and she actually hired me! I can’t believe it. I’m on cloud nine. You have made such a difference in my life! Thank you!
Robin was a revelation for my mind and my mental health, my way of thinking and approaching others has changed dramatically. He helped me to pause before I spoke, consider my response and the effect it could have on others, my emotional intelligence has levelled up due to his coaching. It wasn’t always easy, I learnt some things about myself I didn’t particularly like but the first part of change is knowing yourself and Robin helped that happen. Due to his coaching I have started my own business, it’s early days but things are off to a good start and I can attribute this to the soft skills Robin has helped me nurture.

My Qualifications

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