Without vulnerability there can be no courage.

In my past life, I was a senior leader, managing over 100 people in the technology industry. I was known for creating change, challenging the status quo, and daring people to believe in themselves and think bigger. But my story has not been without its challenges.

I struggled at school. I didn’t feel stupid, but the lessons didn’t seem to go in like they appeared to for others.  I felt self-conscious and didn’t want to ask for help because I knew it would draw attention.  I had to go to college to get better grades, I was embarrassed, and it stung but I learned how I learned and ended up top of my class.


I had a rock-climbing accident when I was 18 and broke my neck.  I thought my life was over, but it wasn’t.


I’ve lived the corporate life and led people through difficult times, coping with the emotions and fears that accompany making people redundant, and facing redundancy myself. I pushed myself to climb the corporate ladder, only to realise that the ladder was BS and not the way to define oneself.

I’ve had a skin cancer scare that knocked me on my arse with health-related anxiety for 18 months.


I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 30 and I’ve had to come to terms with this and learn to manage it for over 10 years.


I’ve been married, divorced and fought through court for more access to my children because my ex-wife and I see the world differently.


I love learning and personal development, and following an insight I had in 2014 while on the commute, I immersed myself further into coaching that ultimately began my own business.

Today, I live my dream.  I change people’s lives and help them change other people’s lives through the impact they have and the difference they make.  It’s perfectly balanced with time in the outdoors with my 3 wonderful children and my queen.

What's driving me

There is a question that drives me and the work I do.

Why are we not all living wonderful, stress-free lives when, on paper, we should be living the dream with all the stuff of success? 

Why do we push and struggle to keep going when it doesn’t make us feel alive.  

I believe I know, we live in a system that encourages us to perpetuate the activities and thinking that got us here, in the belief it will get us there. 

It’s an old model and If it was going to work, it would have done so already.  

We’re all playing a game we can never win and most people don’t even enjoy playing.  

My work is about helping you play another way, you stuff have stuff and distinction but you feel good about life and yourself.

I don’t do ‘hacks’, I use science and subtractive psychology to help you become yourself.

My Relevant Qualifications

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