Autumn is the new January

Most new years resolutions fail.
There are loads of posts and articles on this that pretty much boil down to these reasons why:

  • It’s starting too much at once
  • They’re intentions, not commitments
  • They’re being approached wrong with no accountability

There is another reason. January isn’t the season of change. It’s bloody cold, dark and nothing much happens in nature at this time.

Autumn, on the other hand, is different, change is in the air. All of nature is in the process of changing.

I’m all about working with nature and what’s real. Making huge changes in January isn’t working with nature, it’s pushing things up a wet soggy hill.

If you want to plan for change, autumn and spring are the best times, not January. If you’re thinking about significant change, January isn’t going to help much unless you already have a rock-solid mindset.

Of course, you don’t need to plan for change.

You can just choose to change now because the best day ever is always the one you’re in!

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