Being the best

Research from about 40 years ago showed us what’s behind lots of human motivation (here is a link to the Herzberg research).

If you read it, you can see the origin of Dan Pink’s book ‘DRIVE’.

Dan’s book is arguably better, more fun and easier to consume btw.

The interesting thing for me is the link between human growth, motivation, happiness and fulfilment.

In short form, when we can see and feel growth, we feel happier. (Think about the realisation the Karate Kid had when he became aware he wasn’t just doing chores.)

What I’ve noticed is the link to being dedicated to your craft and personal growth.

The more competent you become, the better you feel, the better you feel the more motivated you are to continue the process and the more you feel fulfilled. Try saying that quickly!

So where do you begin?

The answer is commitment.

You commit yourself to your craft, it’s not an outcome or getting to done level of commitment, but an acceptance and commitment to continual growth.

You show up every day and you work on it. You practice. This is the way of the professional.

I always wanted to be included in the ‘elite’ but I didn’t always appreciate commitment; so I floated around. Now I’m committed and show up every day.

What are you committed to?

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