When technology fails

Don’t we just love our technology? It’s so present and often transparent in our lives that we take it for granted. It’s so transparent to

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Being the best

Research from about 40 years ago showed us what’s behind lots of human motivation (here is a link to the Herzberg research). If you read

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Outsmarting the chimp

I have this voice in my head, It’s like this running commentary about the world. Labels, judgements, comparisons. An endless narration of what’s unfolding. It

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I’m from Earth too

If we’ve met or you’ve watched one of my videos, you’ll know I have a distinct Yorkshire accent. Not yet at the level of Sean

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Better value

I have some champagne flutes, they were a gift a few years back. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but I don’t like them. They’re

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single tree

Less but better

Have you ever noticed this need for more? More money, more likes, more followers, more respect, more stuff, more Information, more work. More more more.

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It’s not even real

As part of helping my clients realise their unshakable mindset, I show them the truth of how reality is created and how there isn’t just

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You’ve got to leave the nest

Most people are waiting to be confident before they take action. They need to know it all before they make that call, decide, or commit. But life doesn’t work like that. Sometimes, mostly,

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