The only coach you'll ever need

The best ally you will ever have, holding you to your highest in ways you’ve never experienced.

Imagine a life that sets you on fire.

Imagine living it so intensely that you can feel all aspects of your life and business give you more freedom than you ever thought possible.  Imagine kicking the shit out of life.

That’s the goal of Level Seven: to make it real. To bring your unique offering to the world, creating more choice and freedom for everyone.

At Level Seven, we do two things for business owners and we do them better than anyone else.  

We get you winning in your business and your life. 

Not someone else’s version of winning, but yours. No separation, no compromise; just your unique authenticity.

Whether the primary focus is personal or professional, Level Seven represents an absence of fear, a monumental leap of being, and playing at a whole new level.

I get you clear on what is right and possible for you, what your full potential is, and how to make bold transformational changes. 

I get you familiar with your true identity, how to show up differently, and how to manage your schedule and energy efficiently, so you get more done in less time. 

You feel in charge of your life with habits, systems, and routines that simplify your personal and business time, leading to fulfilling results.

I specialise in condensing the complexities of your life and business by distilling them down to first principles, so you can see clearly what needs to be done with a new level of focus and accountability. You feel more secure and in control, so you can take the week off to spend with your family and reap the benefits of your hard work without worrying. 

Before long, you’ll be navigating your life and company without stress, strain, or burnout.

Let’s get you moving in the right direction, equipped with the clarity, knowledge, and confidence to take meaningful action.

Every programme is unique but they’re all deep, impactful, and 1:1. 

This is the journey you will go on:

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This is the journey you will go on:

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Success Redefined

Reaching the top with just enough energy to take care of your business, whilst other aspects of your life suffer is not success. True success is about getting there with even more energy and drive to truly thrive in all aspects of your life.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Robin for the last few months, and the impact he has had cannot be measured. Robin has supported me in finding true realisation of my potential, and how far I have come so far. He has also provided structure and increased my levels of confidence. He didn't wave a magic wand, but he has managed to make me look at myself in a different light and work on the areas that fall outside of my comfort zone. Robin is calm, insightful, patient and genuinely cares about the people he works with and I look to him for guidance, support, and he always provides a new way for me to look at situations."
Samantha Lewis
HR Director
"Robin is insightful, kind, patient and a solid coach. I found Robin easy to talk too. He allowed me to feel comfortable and his approach was soft yet effective. He helped guide me and soothe some of my anxieties to focus on my behavior and approach moving forward. I feel he truly cared about me as an individual and gave sound logical advise. I would 100% recommend Robin."
"The reason I work with robin is you can that he is genuinely wanting to help you and create a better working and personal life for you as his client! I trust robin and find it easy to discuss anything that is required to help me move forward. I would highly recommend Robin."
Robin is a great mentor who helps to go beyond diagrams and look for new solutions that build not only a strategy but a trust-based relationship with people.
Piotr Siebert
Senior Operations Manager
"Thank you soooo much for your advice. It landed really well as an approach, I kept my feelings out and focussed on outcomes, moving forward, drawing a line. You have helped me to focus on how things come across and how people take things not on how I am feeling . Massive kudos to you"
"Feedback was that people notice that I was ‘improved’ as in better integrated and that I am now a respected and integral part of the senior management team."
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