Dealing with Anxiety

Most people think IQ is the best predictor of success but that’s simply not true. You can be a god-like genius but if you don’t know how to manage your thoughts and internal dialogue you’ll hold yourself back and can end up debilitated by anxiety.  

Anxiety can prevent you from living the life you want, and at its most serious it can impact your ability to carry out normal everyday things. 

When you suffer from the weight of anxiety, it can feel like your world is shrinking and closing in on itself. You may find yourself struggling to even want to get out of bed or interact with anyone due to negative and anxious thoughts. Even if you have a great support network that care about you, anxiety makes you want to exclude yourself from the people and things you love and enjoy doing.

I’d like to share some ways to deal with and overcome anxiety.

Acceptance and understanding

The truth Is anxiety a very common problem that everyone will experience at some point whether it be for a short term or long period of time. This understanding that It Is happening In a point of time (not all the time and not forever) and accepting It Is there are the first steps to dealing with anxiety. Anxiety Is not the same for all people, It Is complex and shows up at different times and different ways which Is why It Is so Important to understand It to overcome It.

Ask for help

There Is no shame In your situation, anxiety can be a huge burden to bear alone which you need not do. Speak to someone you trust, or a health professional or even a coach. Anxiety will make you want to Isolate further but you need support so reaching out will give you a chance to share how you are feeling and to unload. 

Breathe, consciously

If you are feeling anxious In the moment, try conscious breathing, a tool always at your disposal.  You can easily find Instant relief and grounding by taking four seconds to breathe in through your nose, hold it for seven seconds, then release for eight seconds out of your mouth. This technique that can be done anywhere at any time to find your centre, reduce anxiety and find relaxation.

Mind your language

We are always listening and if we say something to ourselves for long enough, it becomes our reality. Our words really are that powerful so be mindful of the language you use and leverage positive self-talk. 

Try positive affirmations to state the control you want to have over yourself. Something positive and simple but feels genuine to you, try “I have anxiety and that Is ok” or “anxiety does not control me”. Whatever feels right to you and your situation that you can believe and feel, even when the anxiety Is telling you something otherwise.

Affirmations let us reaffirm our values and builds our confidence by reminding ourselves of what we stand for, believe in and how we want to show up In the world.

Catch your thoughts

Anxiety starts life In the future. It Is born from negative thoughts about a future event that cause us to worry, the what Ifs and what abouts. A big test, a job Interview, a first date, giving a speech, these are things that would cause most people to worry. But anxiety Is more than worry, It Is when you feel unsafe, and fearful for seemingly no reason at all or when you shouldn’t be. For many anxiety sufferers, thoughts are the problem. Some people experience them as a characterizing symptom of a disorder—obsessive compulsive disorder is caused by persistent and uncontrollable thoughts for some while generalized anxiety may cause frequent worries about otherwise inconsequential things.

Anxiety can be overcome. We can work together with anxiety coaching, a safe and positive space to build your confidence and self-belief, where you can focus on what’s going in your life, right now. It will create self-awareness while also developing knowledge and skills , reducing stress and anxiety to create the life you really want knowing you can handle It. 

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