Do you want to take your life back?

“I want my life back”

That was one of the first things a lawyer I coached said to me.

It wasn’t the first time someone had said that to me, in fact, I hear it a lot.

It has the same structure or elements. The feeling of being trapped, the realisation that you’re on the wrong mission. Noticing you’ve sacrificed too much for a job title, a bigger house, a faster car a bigger salary.

Notice I didn’t say anything about hard work or even long working hours, these things never really get mentioned, at least not in isolation.

What’s missing is purpose, meaning, fun, values, authenticity and growth. It’s mostly money that becomes the obstacle to change. Our relationship to money and our ideas about what it means about us depending on how much or little of it we have.

When we think about taking our life back, we’re mostly talking about a desire to feel alive.

If you want to feel alive you’ve got to feel free. Freedom is a mindset and it’s about choice.

Here are some things you need to do to take back your life:
1. Get clear on your financial hygiene number. What you actually need.
2. Prepare to exchange stuff for real Joy.
3. Get in touch with your values… check this out for help on this
4. Ask yourself where you’re out of integrity with yourself.
5. Build an internal measure of success.
6. Do work that is intrinsically rewarding.
7. Take action on the above.

I can help you get clarity here, let me know and we can talk this through.

Where are you going to start?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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