Don’t waste your time on this

Most people experience themselves as a Noun. A myriad of labels we attach to ourselves (or let others attach!)

We spend our whole lives orientating ourselves to these labels.

We spend (not invest!) time working to improve the labels we attach but here’s the problem. They’re still labels, and there persists a misunderstanding of a fundamental principle – You’re not a Noun.

The truth is you are a Verb.

It’s what you do that defines you.

Not the ideas you have about yourself or the labels you think you have.

When we’re working on Ego labels we’re working on a constant fixer-upper project. It’s never done, and you never feel good enough – or not for long anyway. It’s not a good investment in your time.

If you want to feel better and change your life focus on what you do and forget the labels.

Noun – v – Verb is an interesting thought. Let me know if this resonates.

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