I have the honour and pleasure of collaborating with a diverse range of amazing professionals, business owners, and freelancers, empowering them to level up, refine, and propel their leadership, business, confidence, and mindset to new heights.

Each one of my clients shares a common trait — ambition to make an impact and unlock their untapped potential.

"I’ve been working with Robin for just over a year now and as a person that is always seeking progress I tend to not look back at where I’ve come from. However, when I do look back over the last year the transformation, I’ve noticed in myself is incredible. The trigger for approaching robin initially was because I had accumulated all of society's definition of success but yet I didn’t feel successful or fulfilled and my motivation levels were dropping. Over the year robin has taught me so much and I’ve grown hugely as a person. I now don’t make toxic goals, I know my purpose and role in life, I’m driven by meaning and contribution and I now see how I add value to the world and the people in my life. His breadth and depth of knowledge, both learned and through first-hand experience is incredible - whether you need guidance on work, career ,business, parenting, relationships or spirituality. He’s got you covered. Whenever I’ve faced challenges over the last year robin has always been there, and his advice has always worked. It’s great to know I’ve got him in my corner.”
"Robin is unique in his ability as a coach and mentor; he combines sound business knowledge with far-reaching and profound human wisdom, further dovetail into the mix a good sense of humour and exemplary communication skills, all of which (and more) make Robin a real exemplar of his craft. Having worked with Robin for 6+ months, I cannot recommend his coaching approach highly enough; if an above-and-beyond approach that truly helps you be your best version of self is what you are looking for, talk to Robin."
"I have been working with Robin for a while and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. He has combined theory, practice, and an empathic coaching style to help me change my mindset about things that I have been wrestling with for several years. Robin has an outstanding ability to declutter an untidy mind, simplify the complicated, and help people make transformational changes (personally and professionally). I would happily recommend him to anyone that is looking for coaching support."
“Robin is an especially experienced coach who will challenge you to think bigger and live happier. I found him to be very quick to understand where I'm at and where I really want to go. He is perceptive and his breath and depth of knowledge across numerous fields, helps you join the dots. Robin also encouraged me to change many unhelpful work practices, which I was able to achieve quite fast. Do you want freedom? Robin is liberating.”
"This morning I did something that I previously wouldn't have been able to do. I might not have jumped out of a plane from 10,000 feet but today I got outside my own personal comfort zone and I'm still here to tell the tale. As opposed to worrying myself silly with hundreds of negative possible scenarios, I chose 'the moment' over 'the thoughts' and just did it. I cant thank Robin Goldsbro enough"
"In the time I have been working with Robin I have found him to be very knowledgeable in his field, straightforward in his approach and easy to relate to. Robin has been a great coach to me both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend his service to others."
"Robin has a fantastic way of bringing out the best in people. His coaching sessions leave you feeling positive and energised. He uses his considerable knowledge and experience to gently challenge the way you think. He does this using several techniques that help you to ask the right questions, find answers to these questions and ultimately progress your career. I wholeheartedly recommend his services."
“Robin has been invaluable in my own development as a Business Owner and has worked with my team in their own development with great results. I was a sceptic when it came to 'business coaches' but Robin has a very different approach. He provides challenging, thought provoking and practical guidance and has helped me really focus on what is needed to achieve my business and personal ambitions - I just see working with Robin as part of my investment in me and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any other Business owner looking for clarity and direction."
"Robin is a perceptive, insightful, and gifted coach. He is grounded, thoughtful and direct. Robin is extremely well versed in business and psychology, and he provides great resources, techniques, and tools to apply at just the right moment. I appreciate how Robin helps me see things from a different perspective and has guided me to higher and more effective thinking, as well as working through strategies that promote success. He has just the right balance of coaching, planning, goal setting and follow up. I am grateful for the time I’ve spent with Robin and recommend him without reservation for anyone in need of coaching."
"I have had the pleasure of working with Robin for the last few months, and the impact he has had cannot be measured. Robin has supported me in finding true realisation of my potential, and how far I have come so far. He has also provided structure and increased my levels of confidence. He didn't wave a magic wand, but he has managed to make me look at myself in a different light and work on the areas that fall outside of my comfort zone. Robin is calm, insightful, patient and genuinely cares about the people he works with and I look to him for guidance, support, and he always provides a new way for me to look at situations."
Samantha Lewis
HR Director
"Robin is insightful, kind, patient and a solid coach. I found Robin easy to talk too. He allowed me to feel comfortable and his approach was soft yet effective. He helped guide me and soothe some of my anxieties to focus on my behavior and approach moving forward. I feel he truly cared about me as an individual and gave sound logical advise. I would 100% recommend Robin."
"The reason I work with robin is you can that he is genuinely wanting to help you and create a better working and personal life for you as his client! I trust robin and find it easy to discuss anything that is required to help me move forward. I would highly recommend Robin."
Robin is a great mentor who helps to go beyond diagrams and look for new solutions that build not only a strategy but a trust-based relationship with people.
Piotr Siebert
Senior Operations Manager
"I highly recommend Robin from Level Seven Coaching. Not only is Robin extremely approachable - he has a rare, and amazing fusion, of personal, business, leadership and techie insight. Very well read, he’s able to seamlessly transition from idea to idea, and he has the ability to process through mess and muddle, leaving me with a succinct and clear plan of action."
"Robin has seen it all with my business and he has provided unwavering, valuable and reliable support throughout. I run a creative business, serving creative clients, so I like to do things differently. Robin not only understands that but encourages and enables it, adapting his style and approach to reflect me and my business aims. I can trust Robin implicitly am grateful to have him in my corner cheering me on."
"I have worked with Robin over the past year through a rather difficult work year . He was very good in his approach and took me through a tool set of reviews to help me understand how my style impact on those at work, but also how the work culture affects me and how to manage that . We had specific sessions to deal with specific events that were enlightening, helpful, structured and brought me to a much better outcome and place than I could have achieved alone . Thanks Robin for your support. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional coach."

"Thank you soooo much for your advice. It landed really well as an approach, I kept my feelings out and focussed on outcomes, moving forward, drawing a line. You have helped me to focus on how things come across and how people take things not on how I am feeling . Massive kudos to you"
"When I wanted to take my business to the next level Robin was recommended by another business owner. I’d watched how he had worked with her and knew this was what my business needed. It was exactly the boost I wanted. This was the right move for me and I’m just delighted I went for it. Thank you Robin, it’s been a game changer. "
"Robins’ investment in my business truly is next level. I’ve not had a coaching experience where I have had someone be so involved in what we discuss plus the work I am doing, it is truly transformational. Robin you really do hold me to the highest standards and I love it!"
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