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Emotional Intelligence and Reality

I share with you the negative tricks that the mind plays on us that are both persuasive and persistent. But once we understand how the tricks work, they will never have the same impact on us.


Respecting ourselves whilst also understanding and accepting we have strengths as well as areas we’re not so good at.  This is associated with inner strength and confidence.


The innate drive to improve ourself and grow.  To engage in meaningful pursuits that lead to a rich life.


Recognising and understanding our own emotions.  Differentiate between subtleties of emotion whilst understanding the thoughts that created them.


Expressing our feelings verbally and non-verbally in an appropriate and respectful way.


Openly expressing our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  Defending our rights and values in ways that is respectful, non-offensive or destructive to our relationships.

Emotional Independence

The ability to self-direct and be free from emotional dependency on others. (I don’t need validation from you to know my own worth).

Interpersonal Relationships

Developing and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships that are characterised by trust and compassion.


Recognising, understanding and appreciating how other people feel.  Communicating in a way that is respectful of other people’s feelings.

Social Responsibility

Our desire to contribute to society, community and social groups and care about the welfare of others.

Problem Solving

Our capacity to find solutions to problems when emotions are involved.  Understanding how emotions effect our decisions.

Reality Testing

Our capacity to remain objective and see things as they really are, recognising our bias and where we’re being less objective.

Impulse control

Resist and delay impulses, drive and the temptation to act so we can avoid rash behaviours and decisions.


Adapting how we feel, thoughts and behaviours in unfamiliar, unpredictable circumstances or ideas.

Stress tolerance

How we cope with difficult situations and belief in our ability to manage or influence the outcome.


Our ability to have a positive outlook and remain hopeful about the future – regardless of setbacks.

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