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Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Personalised Executive Coaching & Career Coaching

Executive coach Leeds

Whether you're a CEO, supervisor, teacher, parent or creative, if you're guiding others to think, act, and feel differently, then you are a leader.

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What is Executive Coaching

My executive coaching is for people wanting to elevate their leadership skills, communication, Influence, impact, emotional intelligence, and strategy development and execution.

Career Coaching for Impact

It's for impact-focused leaders striving to make a greater difference while maintaining work-life balance.
Executive Coaching Leeds

Develop the Skills for success

It's about maximise your strengths, conquer challenges and develop skills to achieve career, organisational and personal goals.

Executive coaching that Empowers you in both your professional & personal life

Bespoke Executive Coaching

No two programmes are the same and we cover a wide array of focus areas, tailored to your specific needs.

Leadership Mastery

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Leadership Preference, Styles and Adaptation
Setting Standards and Leading by Example

Strategy & Change Management

Influence and Delegation
Matrix Management and Change Leadership
Mission, Vision, and Values

Growth and Resilience

Stress and Burnout Management
Conflict Management and Crucial Conversations
Personal Organisation and Prioritisation

Career Coaching that delivers remarkable results, without compromising other aspects of your life

What Results can I expect from Executive Coaching?

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Supercharge your leadership prowess as you master tactical problem solving, elevate your emotional intelligence, and become a conflict management expert.

Personal Development and Efficiency

Unlock your personal growth and efficiency potential by understanding your own effectiveness and essentialism, developing self-awareness, and honing time management and decision-making skills.

Organisational Excellence and Change Leadership

Lead your organisation to new heights and thrive in times of change as you become a matrix management expert, build trust and engagement, and learn to influence without direct authority.

Strategic Vision and Effective Communication

Lead with a strategic vision and communicate with impact through enhanced strategic thinking, effective communication skills, and improved tolerance for change and uncertainty.

Executive Coach & Career Coach

Enhance your mind 4 ways


Take a mini mindset course.

Watch my video’s, read and listen to my latest insights. Free workbooks and guides.

Includes other goodies

EQ Edge

A leadership psychometric assessment measuring 15 areas.  A personalised 20 page report with a detailed personal action plan.

Includes a 3 hour intensive

Mindset Dojo

Confidence, resilience  and peak performance in 12 weeks.

My ultimate  mindset training programme includes Video, Audio and 1:1 coaching.

Bespoke 1:1

Build a unique coaching programme designed specifically for you and your aspirations.

Includes intensives, sprints, psychometric assessments.

Get The Mental Edge

Get weekly insights with profound wisdom you can put into action at work and home.

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