More life in your life?

Conventional success and true fulfilment. Take yourself and your business to the next level.

You deserve more life in your life.

Working harder and harder on your career is seductive.   We feel like we’re making progress, and it gives us measurable targets to achieve. Whether it’s a job promotion or an increase in income that you are working towards: have you considered working towards yourself, too? When was the last time you took a moment out for you, and not your business?

Conventional success shouldn’t be your only goal or the whole sum of the formula. We tell ourselves we’ll strive for family commitments, happiness, and enjoyment once we’ve hit our targets, once we’ve scored that new client, once we retire. 

Why not start now?

You deserve a part of yourself, as much as your family and friends do.

Let’s get real: you’ll hit that target, that goal, that achievement… and then there will be a new one. You’ll always feel dissatisfied, measuring your accomplishments by what you get, and not by how you feel in the long run. There’ll always be more to work towards. Stress becomes your middle name.

Reaching the top with just enough energy to take care of your business whilst other aspects of your life suffer is not success.

True success is about feeling energised from what you do, and truly thriving in all aspects of your life.

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I've been there

I know the many things you have to balance: quality and efficiency, innovation, and leadership. Keeping an eye on your employees, your customers, your stakeholders, and never on yourself.

There’s just not enough time. Your ‘to-do’ list is endless.

There’s always another dreadful presentation to give next week, and no time to prepare it. You start losing your evenings, your weekends, and then: yourself.

Success alone brings isolation and loneliness.

Our lifestyles might fit our salary, but “stuff” can’t fill the hole inside us. Fulfilment can.

Is this true for you?

What if we could change that. What if we could get you really clear on what’s right and possible for you. An action plan that incorporates who you really are, who you want to become and what you want to create within your business?

If this resonates we should connect and have a conversation about changing that.

Success Redefined

Reaching the top with just enough energy to take care of your business, whilst other aspects of your life suffer is not success. True success is about getting there with even more energy and drive to truly thrive in all aspects of your life.

Feedback was that people notice that I was ‘improved’ as in better integrated and that I am now a respected and integral part of the senior management team.
Thank you soooo much for your advice. It landed really well as an approach, I kept my feelings out and focussed on outcomes, moving forward, drawing a line. You have helped me to focus on how things come across and how people take things not on how I am feeling . Massive kudos to you
Our conversation truly was life changing, I am looking at life in a much better light, and today I actually started my new job. I haven’t stopped singing your praises, our chat was revolutionary
Product Manager
Robin is a great mentor who helps to go beyond diagrams and look for new solutions that build not only a strategy but a trust-based relationship with people.
Senior Operations Manager
My sessions with Robin allowed me to gain a different perspective and enabled me to come up with solutions to my issues myself. The sessions were invaluable in increasing my confidence in my ability to handle things, I discovered that I had the tools all along, I just needed to believe in my ability to use them effectively. Which I now know I can do!
Senior Project Manager
Robin has helped me realise my full potential and would make me question any doubt I have had, he helped me gain confidence in a very busy and fast paced work environment which has led to great determination in future roles’
Operations Manager

A better approach to executive coaching

Most people work really hard to separate work and life but we’re not mill workers any more. 

I want you to realise that, when it comes to being fulfilled, there is no such thing as work / life balance – there is only life.

I’m not an executive coach, life coach, business coach, or even a mentor.

I’m a hybrid of all those things and what I do is unique, just like you and exactly what you need your life to be.

If you connect with what I’ve said, if these words have truly resonated with you – then you’re ready to take the next step: a conversation.

Next comes motivation. A stress-free life. A healthy work devotion. No sacrifices need to be made. It’s time to take yourself off the chopping block.

Fall back in love with life. Realign your goals with your heart, not your mind.

take yourself and business to the next level

Elements of Executive Coaching Programmes.

This is not training so we’ll agree an intervention that is right for you but here are the areas we might focus on to get you where you want to be.  

My coaching is expansive and designed to exploit strengths, overcome challenges, minimise weaknesses and drive new insights.  We build the capabilities that deliver against short and long-term goals and achieve maximum personal and organisational impact. 

When you are ready

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