Expensive money

Money is one of the biggest sources of conflict, stress, and anxiety in our lives.

We spend countless hours worrying about it yet most of us don’t really appreciate what it really is.

Consider this…

I was working with a client who was considering purchasing a new company. The purchasing required a sum of money that was beyond what my client had ready access to, so other funding options were being explored. An option was on the table and I was helping them explore the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ of accepting the offer.

In the end, the decision was no – and it was based on this statement, ‘The money is too expensive.’

When I work with people on their mindset money comes up often and what I remind them of is money is a resource, like wood or tools, useful for making things with.

When we see it as a resource we can totally change our relationship with it and realise that money can be cheap or expensive too.

I’m creating a Money Mindset audio masterclass as a gift.  Let me know if you’d like a copy.

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