I made this for you

Who doesn’t want to feel special?

The truth is a feeling of belonging is fundamental to our wellbeing. It trumps our need for self-agency and when we stop to consider our darkest thoughts and fears, we notice a great deal is rooted in this need to belong.

What occurs to me is that we have an opportunity to help ourselves and help others at the same time, every day through our work.

Everyone on the planet is in the process of doing something for another person. No business exists for itself; they’re all run by people to create something for people. Technology doesn’t exist for its own sake, it is created by someone for someone.

When we make something with love and care, when we practice our craft and bring something into the world, we’re creating the opportunity to belong. When we send it out into the world, we’re saying ‘I made this for you, here is an invitation to connect and belong’.

It’s actually a double gift.

When we care about what we do, we’re also creating belonging and connection for ourselves. When we create with love, we imbue the gift with our essence, and that creates connection.

If we don’t love what we do then we hold back. When we hold back our opportunities to belong diminish, and we can feel lost and adrift without a rudder of meaning and purpose.

When our collective wellbeing is so low should we not be asking ourselves if we love what we do and how can we fall more in love with it?

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