I’m from Earth too

If we’ve met or you’ve watched one of my videos, you’ll know I have a distinct Yorkshire accent. Not yet at the level of Sean Bean but I’m working on it 😂

I was in Glasgow recently and the barman asked where I was from, another guy just long the bar answered ‘with an accent like that, it’s got to be Leeds’. He was from South Yorkshire but it was a connection and we had a chat.

I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience, at least when you’ve been on holiday. You hear your home language or accent and instantly you’ve got something that connects you, even before you know anything about them there is a bond or kinship of some description. It seems like the further we get from home the less tenuous our link has to be to connect us.

What if we could realise we’re on a big blue ball, flying around the sun at 17,000 miles an hour; which is rotating around the Milky Way Galaxy. Wouldn’t the fact that we’re all from Earth connect us?

What happens when you realise that we’re all from the same place and we’re all in this together?

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