Integrity VS Pride

You’re being stubborn, sticking to your guns, defending your values.
It’s not life or death but a matter of boundaries and integrity. Then the other party challenges you to let go of your pride.


A pause.

Is this pride masquerading as integrity or are you in the higher group, rising above the ego? What’s the truth and what’s the next move?

Pride VS Integrity

PRIDE – Your idea of your Self, is being challenged. You’re worried about what others will think, regardless of what is true and you worry about a label with some degree of shame attached (regardless if it’s attached by you or someone else, i.e. – made up, from the outside in).

INTEGRITY – This is internal consistency and a state of being whole. An internal quality based on commitment. i.e. – being your word (that you make to yourself and others).

Pride is made up and from the outside in. Integrity is real and from the inside out.

What’s the next move?
Swallow your pride with integrity: Acknowledge the thoughts and feelings, accept what is without judgement and labelling, but with objective observation.

Then let go of the constructs and make a commitment to take action with integrity.

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