It’s not even real

As part of helping my clients realise their unshakable mindset, I show them the truth of how reality is created and how there isn’t just a single experiential reality.

When you get it, it’s beyond anything you know intellectually and something you feel viscerally. It’s liberating beyond anything else, and you experience a new level of freedom, joy and motivation.

But are we deluding ourselves? What about actual reality, like the things we can see and touch?

I’m not a physicist but I do remember physics class at school where we learned about the structure of atoms. Do you remember that they’re 99% empty space? Perhaps you recall that atoms can be broken down into smaller bits (protons, neutrons etc), and those bits (quarks I think) can be broken into even smaller parts until what is left lacks shape and solidity altogether. At the bottom, or at least what appears to be the bottom, are strange, abstract entities we call “energy” and “fields”. Mind-blowing isn’t it. Even the tools we use to measure this abstract strangeness lack real concrete essence.

So, in a world where everyone is taking themselves way too seriously, the truth is that we’re making our reality up moment by moment as we orientate ourselves around our thoughts as if they’re real. We do all this while on a, relatively speaking, little blue ball which goes around the sun which, in turn, is flying around a massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy. The galaxy itself is part of an immeasurable universe all made up of stuff we can neither see nor touch.

Our experience is just perspective, transient and for the most part, we’re along for the ride.

So why not relax and enjoy it.

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