Leadership Coaching

The key to making a difference

Leadership is about emotional engagement.

Make a difference for and through other people

There’s no shortage of books and material on leadership but when you take time to reflect and see where all the books and evidence are pointing you can realise a fundamental truth…

Leadership is about emotional engagement and it’s just as much about yourself as it’s about other people.

The Stanford Graduate Business published a report in 2010 which shows that replacing a poor manager with a good one improved productivity and engagement by 12% !!

People join organisations but leave managers

To be a great leader you have to want to work with people and believe that people can grow and develop. You have to think and act ‘Adult to Adult’, not ‘Parent to Child’. You have to think longer term and focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. You have to find it within you to initiate action with confidence, taking calculated risks and be responsible for the outcomes. You need to set standards and principles, managing time and resources and monitoring progress. You need to respond to change, accepting new ideas, adapting your interpersonal style, showing cross-cultural awareness and dealing with ambiguity. If that’s not enough, you have to cope with pressure and setbacks, whilst demonstrating emotional self-control.

It’s a huge ask, but the rewards are greater still. Amazing leaders make the world a better place. Leaders get to be sheriff, marshal and the ranger all rolled into one. It’s a privilege, but not always an easy role.

In my leadership coaching programme:

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