Leading in a VUCA world – The Challenges and Opportunities

Emotional Intelligence could well be the ticket to improving the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we live in today. The world is rapidly changing, with technological innovations, globalisation, social and economic disruptions, and political unrest. In such a situation, uncertainty and volatility are the norm. It can be difficult

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A Quiet Mind – The Key to a Happy and Successful Life

Many people believe that material riches and success are the keys to a happy life. We often work hard and chase after goals, believing that if we achieve them, we will finally find happiness. However, we often find ourselves feeling empty and unfulfilled even after achieving these goals. The reason

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The Difference Between Impressing and Impact

Have you ever got caught up in trying to impress people? We all want to be liked and respected and even admired; this has been the case forever. But in today’s world, the focus is so heightened on our image, our status, and our achievements. And these are all focused

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