Your Perfect Life Story

The way I see things is that creating the life you want comes down to 5 principles. 

No.1 Emotions

Mastering your emotions is the key to unlocking everything you desire. Emotional Intelligence is knowing what’s going on on the inside and how it’s expressed on the outside and managing it. How you deal with stress, the extent to which you know and accept yourself and are free to be yourself is what makes the impossible possible.

No.2 Purpose

It’s purpose that drives us forward, without it,  life is meaningless, empty and often lonely.  Yet with it, a passion and drive that makes you unstoppable.  It’s your calling, your raison d’être and it’s the fuel behind your infinite game.

No.3 Systems

You are what you repeatedly do.  Your habits define you and they’re part of your identity.  You succeed or fail based on your systems. Your self-discipline and the drive to automate excellence pushes you forward.

No.4 Energy

Everything is energy.  We vibrate and tune into frequencies that lift us up or bring us down.  People, places, things, the food you eat, the exercise you take and the sleep get…   Everything is energy and what you’re doing either works for you or against you.

No.5 Subtraction

If it is human to create, then to edit and refine is divine.  The curated life is less, but better.  Whatever doesn’t resonate with your story isn’t required and you can never have enough of what you don’t really need.

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