Level seven Life COACHING is more

More freedom, more choice, more possibilities. Level 6 is about talking, Level 7 is doing it! 

Level 7 Means

Being emotionally intelligent and free – free from fear so that you can question, create, learn and grow.

Its about ambition, without being ambitious.  It’s the level where you’re free to be who you are, expressing yourself for what you want, not at the expense of others, but in a manner that all life benefits. It’s a mindset of the ‘collective I’, where for you to win, others don’t have to lose.  

From here you are free to create what doesn’t yet exist, without fear of judgement or rejection.  You’re free to question everything, to choose, to learn and to feel many things.   

You see a bigger picture.  A picture of systems and information that can be tapped into, to help you grow and increase your contribution. 

Level 7 is a monumental leap in consciousness.  You let go of who you are, so you can become who you were meant to be.  You mastered your fear, the need for acceptance, and realise your identity is not based on your title or acquired ‘things’.  

You realise the truth and it brings a new level of meaning to your life.  


When you are ready


A goal is the desired future state. They’re useful but it’s the project that makes it happen.  Projects create momentum, they have milestones, feedback loops, success indicators and you can track progress daily.

What gets scheduled gets done. All life coaching and executive coaching is tailor made but you can get started with these. They’re online coaching projects so you save on travel and can be in the comfort of your own home.

All online coaching projects start with: A 90 minute Zoom video call where we’ll define your specific outcomes and goals, taking in all the important facets of your life.

You’ll have: Powerful deep coaching via Zoom for the duration of the project. These 90 minute sessions, approximately twice a month, will run at a time that works best for us both.

You’ll have access to: Me in-between sessions to run ideas by, help with direction, motivation and what you need to stay on track.

Find A Project For You

Project Everest - Life Coaching

Project Everest is about overcoming the fear and anxiety that holds you back and building confidence so you can climb your own mountain.

This is a 3 month programme where we explore the nature of fear and how it personally holds you back. We turn down the volume of that voice in your head and you learn how to do more than you thought possible.

Working with me on project Everest will be like having your own mountain guide that will help you see the mountain for what it is, train yourself to climb it and select the right equipment.

Project Pathfinder - Life Coaching / Executive Coaching

There are times in our life when we feel lost, adrift and just stuck; suffering from existential angst, wondering what our purpose is and feel that we’re not really ‘living’ our life.  This is a difficult place with no specific direction to move into. You can float like this for years, whilst beating yourself up that time is running out.  

Project Pathfinder is a 3 month programme that helps you find your true path and the turns to take to get on that route.  It equips you with everything you need to start your journey.

Project Oxygen - Life Coaching

Sometimes we don’t achieve our goals because we’re ‘too busy’, putting others first or doing busy work. It’s exhausting and it can leave us feeling out of breath, wondering what we’re doing all this for. The reality is that it’s only when we’re taking care of ourselves can we do our best work, support those we care about and bring our ‘A’ game. That’s easier said than done. Project Oxygen is about learning to put on your own oxygen mask first.

This is a 6 month programme that puts you first and back in control of your life.  We create a whole new set of rituals and habits built around essentialism and to create a ‘less but better ‘plan.

Working with me on project Oxygen will be like having a personal fitness coach but for your mental health and well-being.

Project Pheonix - Life Coaching

Most people think it’s their lack of confidence that is holding them back, but that’s not true. People don’t achieve what they want because they have a well-intentioned voice in their head that tells them negative things. They have an ‘away from’ not a ‘towards’ strategy. They don’t have systems in place to help them and they allow themselves to be bogged down by non-essential people, things, places and activities that drain their energy.

Project Pheonix is about unpacking all this and positively refocusing what you commit your energy to. Pheonix is a 12 month programme for people who want to totally transform their lives and they’re ready for someone to have their back 100% for the duration.

We work deep on all 5 of the Level 7 principles to create the life you want. This is a programme for the committed, for those who’ve drawn a line in the sand and said ‘I’m not wasting anymore of my life – I’m doing this!’

Project Shackleton - Executive Coaching

Shackleton was a legendary leader and this programme is for leaders and business owners that want to be extra-ordinary.  

This programme leads you through the Level 7 principles from a business context. We look at the legacy you want to leave, your emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict management, negotiation skills, influencing and more. This is a programme about leading with authenticity, presence, making an impact and perfectly integrating your work and personal life.

Project Shackleton is a 6 month programme, bringing together powerful executive coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, management consulting and access to senior business experience.

If you want a secret weapon this is for you.


When you are ready

A wealth of life coaching knowledge
Begin Life Coaching Leeds

Personal Development & Potential

Create the life you want. Achieve clarity, develop strategies, behaviours and habits that make it happen. Build confidence and energy until you’re unstoppable.

Career Coaching & Promotion

Build your career and reach the position you want. A programme designed for people making life adjustments and those with an eye for the next level.


Leadership Coaching & skills

Leadership is just as much about yourself as it is other people. A programme for both new and established leaders who want to make an impact and contribution.

Anxiety, Habits & Phobias

Sometimes its the stone in your shoe, not the mountain that beats you. Suffered with anxiety for 20 years, have a habit to kick, fear holding you back. Lets change that.

Unlock your potential
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