No matter what happens

Fear is part of being human.

I’m sure that even the bravest people are afraid because they love.

When we sit in the discomfort of fear for long enough and begin to explore its structure, we see that a lot of our fears are about the unknown.

Because it’s unknown our minds begin to wonder and conjure all manner of things that could happen, and sometimes we’re even afraid of all the things we can’t imagine.

If you go a little deeper you’ll see that what’s really playing out is a story that you’ll not be able to cope.

Does this mean the fear of not being able to cope or handle it is the ultimate fear? Or is it that I’m not good enough to cope?

Here is something to consider. We’re designed to cope. We’ve been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years. We’re at the top of our game in coping.

But there is one condition to us operating at the top of our game. That condition is reality. We have to work in reality and not a BS story that looks like reality.

When you can see the story and ground yourself in reality, you’ll be fine, no matter what.

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