Not doing the things we should

I think it’s reasonable to assume that everyone does something or doesn’t do something that isn’t in their best interest from time to time.

It seems to be a common challenge we all face at some point. But why do we do it and is it a real issue?

I’m not sure there is a single answer but this is what occurs to me:

1. Our short-term focus encourages us to make short-term decisions
2. It’s not attached to our identity
3. The alternative is something you really don’t want
4. You’re interested in having it, but don’t really want it
5. You’re in an unproductive emotional state
6. You have low energy
7. It’s easy to do the wrong thing
8. A lack of integrity and commitment

I’m sure it’s not an exhaustive list but as I write It occurs to me that all of these things can be managed.

Here’s the first step –  Understand what you choose to do instead in the moment and why.

When you know what and how you can then create a plan to change it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what stops you from doing what you should be doing. It will be a great opportunity to create something of value for you.

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