Outsmarting the chimp

I have this voice in my head, It’s like this running commentary about the world.

Labels, judgements, comparisons. An endless narration of what’s unfolding.

It says mean things sometimes, changes its mind, often, argues, a lot, and contradicts itself.

Do you have one of these voices too?

If it was a real person, you’d ignore it, move away from it or just kick it out of the house. But it’s not so easy when it’s not real and it’s in your head.

But therein lies the truth, it’s not real.

It’s just a voice. Instead of trying to work out which side of the argument is really us, what if we realised the truth. We’re neither.

What if we embrace the truth that we are the one who is watching and listening to the argument unfold.

If you are wondering about the chimp reference, read The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters and outsmart the chimp.

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