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HIGH LEVEL THINKING ON making a difference

On People

People are inherently good and are products of their environments. This means they’re doing the best they can with the resources they have. The truth about all people is that we’re all seeking a feeling — happiness, fulfillment, acceptance. This motivation is the driving force behind all our goals.

On Personal Change

Everyone can change if they’re open and ready. Changing the environment often leads to a change in the person, including our stories and beliefs. Our identity isn’t set in stone; it’s a choice. We tend to do what makes sense to us, and when something else makes more sense, we adapt. My approach to change is straightforward — get clear on the goal, devise a strategy to achieve it, become the person who achieves that goal, manage your emotions so you’re not all over the place, put habits, systems, and routines in place, and eliminate anything else standing in your way.

On Business

Businesses should be a force for good, serving real needs and supporting communities. They should create prosperity for all without harming the planet. They should provide quality services at a fair price, not exploiting for personal gain. They should also foster connections and relationships among people. Of course, they also need to be profitable!

On Culture

Business culture is significant as it’s an expression of your business identity and values. The science and psychology behind this is called Self Determination Theory. It suggests that people perform best when they have a clear sense of purpose that aligns with the organisation’s purpose, enjoy the highest degree of autonomy in their roles, feel like they’re growing within these roles, and are engaged with their colleagues, fostering a sense of community. If you’re interested in exploring Self Determination Theory and its potential impact on your organisation, check out my other business, Platform3, and the specific interventions we offer to help you cultivate the best culture possible.

On Leadership

Leaders are the driving force of the world. Leading is both a privilege and a responsibility. Leaders create great workplaces and shape our society and culture. The best leaders are people-oriented, as implied by the term “leadership.” While business acumen is crucial for understanding the mechanics of business, it’s not the same as leadership. Above all, leadership is an emotional game. It’s about managing emotional alignment and engagement. The best skill to hone for this is your emotional intelligence. A good place for us to start working together is on an EQ Booster(see link below).

On Business Transformation

Businesses are always evolving, being part of larger systems like marketplaces and composed of people who are never static. This realisation underscores the importance of leaders continuously guiding the growth of the organisation. While I’m a technology enthusiast, it doesn’t exist solely for its own sake. It’s there to assist businesses and people. So, while we need to update systems for efficiency and capability, they should prioritise people first, with technology following and underpinning. That doesn’t mean technology shouldn’t inform what’s possible, especially for those less interested in its advancements. When people feel safe and understand the need for change, they typically embrace it.  Especially if you’ve built a culture based on Self Determination Theory!

On Performance

We perform better when we have fewer things on our minds. We excel when we reduce multitasking and take care of ourselves. Much of our performance is linked to our ability to focus our attention. Performance not tied to purpose is wasted energy.

On Politics

Hmmm…I’ll pass on that one.


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