These are my points of view around making a difference

Are we on the same wavelength?

On People
People are almost always inherently good. They’re just products of their environment and they’re doing the best they can with the resources they’ve got. Everyone of us is searching for a lasting feeling (happiness, fulfilment, acceptance). It’s the goal behind all goals.
On Business
Businesses should be a force for good. They should serve real needs and support communities real needs. They should create prosperity for all and not Impact the planet. They should provide good services at a fair price, not exploit for self gain.
On Leadership
Leaders should create great places to work. They have a duty, not just to the business but to the people who make up the business. They should care about them as people and invest in them. Leaders who perform better and create high performing teams are the ones who best manage their and other people emotions. The truth is we are feeling creatures that think, not the other way round.
On Performance
We perform better when we have less on our minds. We perform better when we do fewer things and reduce the amount of switching between them. We perform better when we look after ourselves. Performance not linked to purpose is wasted.
On Being Human
We’re all looking for a feeling. You might refer to that feeling as success, joy, bliss, fulfilment, peace, or happiness. Everything we do is designed to move us closer to experiencing that feeling.

Most people believe that the feeling they desire is on the other side of money, social stratification, personal distinctions of achievement, and success. However, the feeling at the end of these pursuits is merely correlated, not causative. You can realise this too if you experience the feelings of achievement and success as temporary, continually resetting the goal posts.

Most people believe that the voice in their head is themselves, but it’s just another activity of our minds. This activity of the mind causes the negative feelings which we want to avoid, and it shapes our ideas around ourselves and what to pursue.

The issue is that the voice doesn’t possess knowledge about the future, and its references to the past are based on abstracted beliefs, that are often untrue.

The root of your problems lie in the unconscious ideas you hold about yourself and how you believe you can achieve fulfilment. This means that your sense of worth, success, and value are dependent on external judgements, comparisons, and validations. Consequently, you never feel like you’ve truly arrived, because there’s always something else to compare yourself to or a perceived gap. These distractions pull your mind in different directions, leaving you feeling lost and unfulfilled.

On Happiness, success and fulfilment

Until you can develop internal measures of worth and success, and train your mind to focus its attention on these, you will never consistently feel good enough or fulfilled. All feelings stem from your mind, so mastering focus and attention becomes your most valuable skill.

When you have acquired enough of the practical necessities to sustain your life, what truly sustains and motivates you and your mind, is meaning and purpose. Psychology tells us that long-term feelings of meaning and purpose are strongly connected to serving others, while utilizing your unique qualities, skills, and gifts, in pursuit of something personally important to you. In essence, if you lack a true understanding of who you are and cannot effectively manage your mind, you will find yourself trapped in endless cycles.

An Analogy of the mind

Our minds can resemble untrained dogs that accompany us everywhere. They eagerly chase after anything that catches their interest, without consistent ability to recall or control their impulses. They can turn a peaceful walk in the park into a chaotic ordeal, barking at people without reason. They devour whatever food is left unattended and always yearn for more, lacking any form of restraint. They whine, howl, and disrupt your sleep. They act needy and engage in behaviours that others neither appreciate nor want to be around. They chew away at your life and happiness without hesitation, preventing you from reaching the places you truly desire.

To change this situation, you face a choice: hope that the dog eventually outgrows its troublesome behaviour or take the initiative to train the dog.

If we’re to work together

I will teach you how to train your mind, focus your attention, and discover your meaning and purpose. As a result, you will experience a profound sense of inner confidence and peace. You will know, without a doubt, that you are inherently worthy. Your performance will improve, and you will experience reduced anxiety and stress, as well as enhanced relationships.

You will no longer feel judged, nor will you waste time comparing yourself to others or toxic goals, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters to you.  You will become a better leader and your relationships will work better.

Now, here’s the really exciting part: I will guide you to experience these feelings right from the beginning.

I cannot predict what you will do from that point, but one thing I am certain of is that you will feel alive and driven by purpose, with the motivation to make things happen.

If this resonates with you, here are three ways in which I can assist you.

 – Take my mini course
 – Read my principles
 – Discover your values
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