Professional, Executive & Leadership Coaching what’s the difference?

I’ve had the corporate life, leading teams of over 100 people. I’ve led through seriously difficult times, having to make people I care about redundant. To do lists that get larger and the time to deliver getting shorter. Budget’s are tight and resources thin on the ground. You can think faster than you and your team can do and it’s frustrating to say the least.

I used to think I had to do it all on my own to be a success but I now know how all the senior people had help. Today I’m the person that helps and I created Level Seven because I want people to enjoy their careers and live free. That means being true to yourself, reaching our full potential and telling your perfect story, whether the focus be personal or professional because there is no such thing as work/life balance, there is only life!

Coaching helps unlock ways of being successful in ways that you don’t yet know, here’s how…

Professional Coaching

Coaching is an excellent way for professionals to develop the skills and abilities they need in order to thrive. Often, people get promoted into management positions with no training, which impacts their performance and reputation. What happens is they tend to use the skills that got them there to succeed at this new level but its doesn’t work. I help managers transition smoothly Into their new positions as leaders, providing clarity, guidance on personal organization, communication and leadership development.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can help team leaders, senior managers and executives develop better communication and leadership skills. To make better decisions with strategic thought, problem solving skills and overcome work related Issues with ease and confidence. I help leaders become high-level communicators with a better understanding of how their decisions affect those around them.

Executive Coaching

While not significantly different to Professional or Leadership coaching, Executive coaching is typically support for very high level leaders In organisations or business owners. There is a lot of reflective development and continuing growth on already substantial capabilities. I help Executives and business owners to expand their personal and professional growth, building upon their intuition, creative thinking, and developing their personal presence.

No matter what we call It or the level you are currently working at in your career, we build the capabilities that deliver against short and long-term goals and achieve maximum personal and organisational impact.

If you connect with what I’ve said, if these words have truly resonated with you – then you’re ready to take the next step: a conversation.

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