Professional, Executive & Leadership Coaching

You deserve more life in your life

Is this true for you?

  • Despite all your efforts are you’re finding it ever harder to keep yourself motivated, stress-free
  • Do you find it hard to maintain balance in your life. 
  • Have you lost sight of why you started? 
  • Is your passion and energy fluctuating?
  • Have you lost your edge, finding yourself respond to the competition rather than following your own path?
  • Are you out of alignment with your true self, wearing a persona which feels inauthentic?
  • Are you battling with competing thoughts, feeling like an imposter waiting to be found out?
  • Are you trying to live at the speed of thought and your frustration levels hitting the roof?

I want you to realise that, when it comes to being fulfilled, there is no such thing as work / life balance – there is only life!

What is coaching?

I work with you on a deep level to understand you, your career and your life. We create something unique that is representative of who you are and what you want to bring to the world.  

We get you really clear on what’s right and possible for you. We create a plan that incorporates who you really are, who you want to become and what you want to create within your life.

I listen without judgement or bias and share my experience and feedback. I support, guide and encourage you to help you expand your horizons and take meaningful action.

If you want to operate at a senior level, you need a rock solid mindset and a skill-set that includes strategic thinking, influencing others, dealing with ambiguity.

I create the conditions and space for reflection so you can develop ideas and integrate everything you’re learning.

Which Professional, Executive & Leadership coaching topics are included?

This is not training so we’ll agree an intervention that is right for you but here are the areas we might focus on to get you where you want to be.  

We build the capabilities that deliver against short and long-term goals and achieve maximum personal and organisational impact.

  • Sophisticated Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments so you can really understand and express yourself, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way that helps you achieve your objectives.
  • I help you understand your leadership preferences and how leadership styles impact relationships. I show you how to be flexible.
  • How to manage stress and protect yourself from burnout
  • Setting standards and leading by example
  • Conflict management so you can avoid and navigate friction in the workplace
  • Holding crucial conversations
  • Personal organisation, effectiveness and prioritisation to make the maximum impact
  • Power Profile (assessment) and developing other forms of power.
  • I show you how to influence anyone to get stuff done.
  • We look at delegation, empowerment and successfully delivering through others
  • How to think about change management and how areas of the business could operate differently
  • Addressing limitations, resilience, paradoxes and uncertainty (VUCA)
  • Winning without losing (your life as a whole)
  • Presenting and delivering powerful messages that inspire and motivate

If you connect with what I’ve said, if these words have truly resonated with you – then you’re ready to take the next step: a conversation.

let me coach you every week via Email

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