When it comes to achievement, the truth is that we’re only limited by the vision we have of ourselves, we literally live into the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. That story is our identity and our identity is just who we are being and that comes down to choices.


Grounding Part 1

In this video I share with the fundamentals of how your experience is being created.  The implications of this understanding is profound.

Grounding Part 2

In this video I share with you the truth of who you are beyond our ideas of identity.  This is going to really stretch your grey matter!

Samadhi Part 1

Learn about ‘Maya’  The illusion of self.

Samadhi Part 2

“It’s not what you think”

Samadhi Part 3

“The Pathless Path”


This isn’t for you

I’ve been talking a lot about critique and comparisons. I hear so many people being down on themselves because someone doesn’t like what they’re saying

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