Selling thoughts

I’m not a professional marketeer but I’m absolutely fascinated by marketing.  How the message is brought into being and then distilled like poetry.  How images and environments are chosen to enhance the message and story, it’s almost like a mini-movie production.  

The mini-movie thought led me to a deeper realisation.  Our human preoccupation with status means that a great deal of the marketing isn’t actually selling what it seems to be selling.

Let me explain. Our whole life experience is a product of thought. Essentially, we feel what we think, as in the movie going around our heads about who we are.

So the marketing is geared to create a thought in the understanding that feelings will follow that thought. 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it’s a quality product, worth it, or a good idea to have it. It only matters that we see and hear things that create thoughts about the feelings we’re after.

Why share this? Well, what if you could realise where you’re feelings are coming from before you buy that thing?

Now there’s an idea!

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