Success is about Making the Leap from Intention to Commitment

Making a commitment is often harder than it seems. It’s not just about wanting something or having the intention of getting it done. We can have the best of intentions, but without making a real commitment, we will never get there. So how do you make that leap and become fully committed? Let’s explore what it takes to make a lasting commitment.

Who Are You Being?
The first step in making a commitment is to understand who you are being in this moment. Who you are being reflects your identity and what you stand for. It’s important that, whatever it is that you’re trying to commit to, aligns with who you are so that your actions reflect your values and vision. That way, when times get tough, you won’t waver because it will feel like an extension of yourself.

Want vs Need
The next step is understanding the difference between what you want versus what you need. Do you really need this thing that you’re committing to or do you want it? A lasting commitment is going to come from an alignment between the two; you have to want what you need. If these align then chances are, making a lasting commitment won’t be such a struggle because competing emotions won’t get in the way. Additionally, if it’s something essential for your growth and development as a leader or executive, then the stakes are even higher and making a commitment becomes even more important.

What Is Your Fear?
Fear can be another roadblock when trying to make a commitment. It might be fear of failure or fear of success; either way, if fear is at play then committing wholeheartedly can be difficult because our emotions take over and cloud our judgment. In order to move beyond these fears, it’s important to be honest with yourself about why they exist in the first place and confront them head-on with courage so they don’t hold you back any longer.

What Is Your Belief System?
On top of fear comes our belief system which dictates our behaviour and influences how we view ourselves and the world. Our beliefs shape our reality which affects how we interact with those around us as well as how we approach new opportunities for growth and change. It’s important to recognize which beliefs aren’t serving us anymore so that we can let them go and replace them with new ones that will help us create positive momentum towards achieving our goals instead of holding us back from taking action on them altogether.

What Is Your Default Future?
Finally, ask yourself one last question: What is my default future? We all have an idea of where we want life to take us but often times we don’t take into account all the little choices along the way that add up into big decisions down the line that determine whether or not we reach our desired destination or not. To ensure success in making lasting commitments, think carefully through each step along the journey and make sure every decision is made with intentionality – this will help bring clarity as well as focus on reaching your desired future outcomes!

Making commitments isn’t always easy but by taking stock of who we are being right now (our identity), distinguishing between what’s essential for true growth (need versus want) understanding the fears standing in our way (fears) examining our current belief systems (beliefs), as well as staying focused on our default future (future),we can work towards becoming fully committed individuals capable of achieving greatness!

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