The atrophy of your comfort zone

When we eat food, work our body and rest, our muscles grow.

When we don’t do these things, our muscles atrophy, losing mass and effectiveness.

The mind is a muscle. It requires regular exercise too. Just like your body, you can get it to lift bigger weights, go further, faster with a regular work out. You can stretch it and break through the plateau with a new programme.

The simple idea is if you want to get fitter, you have to train.

The thing about training the mind is when we stop or plateau, it atrophies like all muscles and our comfort zone shrinks.

If you want to increase the size of your comfort zone, your confidence, resilience, and mental health, you need an exercise regime.

My workout includes asking for what I want, saying and doing things that scare me a little, removing distractions and practising my focus.

How do you exercise your mind?

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