The Courage to Live a Life True to Yourself

It can be hard to know when it’s time to leave a job. There is comfort in the familiar, and it can feel daunting to leave what we know behind in search of something new, something that could bring us pure joy. But if you hate your job, don’t let fear hold you back, and instead, have the courage to seek out living a life true to yourself.

The Fear of Change
Honestly, change can be terrifying!!

It is human nature to seek security and stability, so it can be difficult—but not impossible—to overcome the fear of making changes in our lives. We don’t want to risk failure or make the wrong decision, so we often stay put even when we are deeply dissatisfied because at least there is some semblance of safety in familiarity.

We may fear the uncertainty, but we just need to remember that we have faced it before, on huge and tiny scales, we couldn’t always drive, ride a bike, or even use a knife and fork. We have the ability to learn, grow, and evolve, which takes us through and out the other side of uncertainty.

The Benefits of Leaving Your Job
When you decide to take the plunge and move on from your job, you open yourself up to possibility. Whether that means taking more time for yourself or exploring completely new career paths (or both), leaving the job creates a reset, it allows you the freedom and flexibility that isn’t possible while stuck in an environment that no longer brings you fulfillment or satisfaction. You’ll meet new people, learn new ways of doing things, and you’ll expand your horizons. Working outside of your comfort zone creates personal growth and development as well as professional success—it starts with having the courage to take the first step.

Be Sure the Issue Isn’t You
It is important to take stock of your situation before deciding whether or not you need to jump ship – because sometimes the issue isn’t with your job but with your attitude towards it. If you find yourself feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and just generally unhappy despite having a good job overall that pays well, you might just need to do some self-reflection. Sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift, to see if what is now missing can be filled/replaced where you are or actively seek out mentors or people who can help guide you through the process.

Ask yourself what would make you happy.

And challenge yourself by asking, “How can I make that possible here?”

In summary
It takes courage to leave a job that doesn’t bring joy but offers security instead, but don’t let fear hold you back from living a life true to yourself.

Remember that leaving the job opens up possibilities — both personal and professional — that may have been unavailable while stuck in an environment that no longer brings satisfaction or fulfillment.

Consider taking some time off before jumping into something new so that you can explore different paths before making any decisions, but ultimately remember that whatever happens, you will be fine, and you’ll learn a load in the process, and experience is priceless.

It’s not easy, I know this first hand, I’ve done it myself. If I can do it, could you?

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