The email game that will change your life

I was talking to a client recently about efficiency and prioritisation. The usual topic of email came up and how much time is spent inside your inbox rather than doing the work. You know, that desire and elusiveness of inbox zero, at least for more than 15 minutes.

Well, it was my turn to be enlightened.

Turns out there is a secret ratio that stops you from ever getting to inbox zero 🤯!!

The ratio is 1: 2.4

It’s really simple… for every email you send, 2.4 emails return. It’s like they’ve multiplied like Mogwai in water.

The desire for uber productivity just creates more work! It’s like a 2p machine at the arcade, it seems like you’re making progress but you never really win.

So what are the alternatives?

1) Don’t engage, you’ll be surprised how many things fix themselves.
2) Send it to one person or at least make it clear what action you’re expecting of whom and when.
3) Pick up the phone. It sounds less efficient but you’ll actually swap 2.4 emails for 1 call and you’ll likely connect better too.

Do you still fancy chasing inbox zero?

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