The happiest man in the world

There is an idea that our happiness is an outcome from getting what we want, that’s why we pursue goals, often at the expense of our health, our well-being and our relationships.

When we get what we want and we’re still not happy, we assume the problem is that we’re still not doing or having enough. So we push even harder and as a result of the added pressure and stress, end up even further away from the experience of happiness we actually want.

It doesn’t make sense, in fact, its sounds to me like starving ourselves because it feels really good when we eat.

It’s almost like we have a formula in our head that suggests:
Hard work + Stress + Sacrifice + Stuff = Success = Happiness

I think we need a new simple formula based on science and psychology:
Clarity of perception + Focus = Bliss.

Bliss is greater than happiness.

When you don’t ‘need’ things to be any other way than what they are, you’re free to enjoy what is.

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