The nature of judgement

Recently I was out on my canoe with a friend and we were discussing judgement (in this case self-judgement). As we glided through the water I could see two amazing weeping willow trees with the canopy drooping into the water. Both were magnificent and beautiful but very different.

In that moment it occurred to me that nature doesn’t have any judgement inherent within it. All the judgement comes from humans.

Consider that the badger doesn’t compare his den to the other dens.
The fox doesn’t concern himself with the fact that he’s smaller than the deer.
The owl is not wrong for eating the mouse.
The mouse doesn’t complain about the size of the corn.
The corn doesn’t spite the rain.
My dog doesn’t complain about the size of the stick or how far I throw it.

What I’m getting at is that nature just is and is content as is.

You can define differences in nature, measure things like height etc. but there isn’t really a judgement of better or worse. Nature just is.

I know we’ve achieved a lot as humans but we have created just as many problems as we’ve solved. It seems that at least a contributing factor is that we’ve forgotten that we’re really animals too and also part of nature.

How much happier would you be if you remembered your true nature and left out the judgement of yourself and others.

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