The path to a better business and experience

As a coach, I know that I can serve anyone. That’s the truth because I don’t have to have all the answers, only help the client find the right ones for them.

So why in such a target-rich environment do so many coaches and other businesses struggle?

You’ve probably landed on the obvious answer and that is because you don’t have a niche. You’re right, but there is something deeper at play that’s worth understanding.

Speaking to you as a student of the human psyche, the issue is that ‘no one’ identifies as ‘anyone’. The truth is we all want to be ‘someone’. We’re all looking for identity and belonging. (Basic human drivers, which subsequently form a great deal of our internal dialogue.)

A better business and a better human experience come from creating something special, for someone specific.

Whether you’re selling coaching, beer, shirts or roles in your organisation, it’s time to stop making average stuff for all the people and start creating for someone specific.

Just like all art, not everyone will like it.

But if enough people love it, you have a wonderful business and people who feel at home. When people feel at home and comfortable, they tend to invite their friends over.

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