The world isn’t the way you think it is

I took this while out paddling on Sunday.  It was a beautiful autumn day and we didn’t see another soul.

While paddling in nature it occurred to me how much this reflection is a beautiful metaphor for life.

Most of us have heard that the world isn’t the way you think it is, it’s the way you are. It’s a projection of your Self.

A clear reflection in the water is only possible when the water is still. The same is true for us. It’s only when we are still (the mind) can we see what we’re projecting into the world and what’s being reflected back and creating our experience.

This is important because as the great psychologist Carl Jung once said, “until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

It’s only when we see clearly and accept what is, can we then change.

The first step is to get grounded and still the mind.

If you’d like to experience a whole new level of well-being, being grounded with a still mind, then send me a message and we can talk about how that’s possible with everything stirring up the water.

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