This isn’t for you

I’ve been talking a lot about critique and comparisons.

I hear so many people being down on themselves because someone doesn’t like what they’re saying or doesn’t want to buy the product or service they have on offer. It really takes the wind out of so many sails but it really shouldn’t. 

Like me explain.

Imagine a trip to the art gallery. You’ll be drawn to certain pieces and walk straight past others. Some people will linger at the pieces you walked passed and vice versa. It’s not a problem, we just like different things.

It’s Art.  It’s neither good nor bad; it’s just art. If you don’t like it, it’s just not for you, but it is in the gallery, so it’s there for someone, that someone just isn’t you.

No piece of art is unanimously liked, if it was it probably wouldn’t be considered art. 

This is what I put to my clients. See yourself as an artist, a craftsman.  Create your art knowing it’s for someone but not everyone. 

Know that no art is unanimously praised. You want people not wanting it.  If they are critiquing, that’s wonderful; you’ve created art and something noteworthy. If you don’t engage in this process you’re just ignored and that’s not a good strategy.

Whatever your art is, be clear about who it’s for and do it with pride.

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