Volunteers not victims

Beyond the obvious of making some money to pay some bills, what’s the point of running a business?

There is a simple answer, it’s about people. People are at the core of why any business exists. To create something for someone, something that will change their lives (and that’s also the customer’s hope).

If this is true, the question then becomes – create what for whom and for what specific purpose?

Speaking to you as a coach, I realise I want to help people to become their best selves and from that place, make the world a better place.

Yet on deep reflection, isn’t this the same answer for all businesses, to help customers have a feeling that helps them become more?

As business owners, should we be more clear about the impact we want to have by focusing on Whom we want to help to become What?

As a consumer, would it be fundamentally better to get clear on who we want to become before we purchase?

It seems to me that when we’re clear on these questions we can help people become better versions of themselves and move from being a victim of some clever marketing or social expectation to willing volunteers.

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