We made it, it’s back to school

Summer has been amazing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s been bloody hard juggling childcare and work. I’ve found myself longing for September and the return to school.

September is now here, it’s been interesting to see pictures and posts of our children moving up to Uni/college, high school and seeing our little ones with a school uniform for the first time. It’s been a mixture of celebration and melancholy as we reminisce on how things were.

As I sit here it dawns on me that while it’s natural to reflect on what was and plan for the future it comes at a cost. It’s the cost of life.

The truth is that all life happens in a moment. As in right now. Not in the past, not in the future. Yet we spend so much of our precious time with our attention not on now but in another time where life isn’t happening.

We invest so much life remembering the past, longing for the old days or feeling negative about ourselves. Or we transport ourselves to the future, wishing our life away or scaring ourselves with ‘what if’s’.

We’re missing out on our life because all life happens right now, in this moment.

You might be thinking that your past defines you (not true) or you need to plan for future issues (to some extent) but if it’s not happening right now, it’s not real and it’s not life. I’m not suggesting the future will not happen but when it does, it will be now.

So the trick to having more life in your life and not worrying is to do with focus and attention.

You simply put your focus and attention on what is right now. Don’t fight it, just accept what is.

Don’t know how to focus for longer than a few moments? Give me a nudge and I’ll send you some ideas about what to do about that.

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