When technology fails

Don’t we just love our technology?

It’s so present and often transparent in our lives that we take it for granted. It’s so transparent to us that we don’t realise how reliant we’ve become on it.

And when it fails, omg the tailspin! Extreme feelings of not being able to fulfil our commitments. Feelings of isolation, frustration, injustice and even panic.

My iMac screen died then as I turned on my laptop I was presented with an update screen and a 25-minute timer. I was 10 minutes from seeing a client. Why me, why now?? I’d like to tell you that I had none of the feelings above but that would be a lie.

I was thinking to myself this is going to reflect on me, my professionalism.
I was concerned I was letting people down.

Then I remembered. Shit happens, it’s not necessarily good or bad, only thinking makes it so.

So with the cunning use of WhatsApp I made contact with my client, I made light of the situation and turned it into a powerful message.

The computer is the computer, it’s not me and it’s out of my control.

What I am in control of is how I respond.

Indeed, we’re never really in control of the things out there. The only thing we’re 100% always in control of is how we respond and show up.

If you want to have more control in your life you need to calibrate from the inside out.

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