When what you love becomes your job

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your hobby became your job?

Would you still love it? Would you feel different about it if you ‘had’ to do it?

I know that lots of people wonder about this, and it holds them back. A sort of ‘better the devil you know’ internal argument.

This is what I know… if it’s a hobby then it likely has intrinsic value for you, it feeds the soul.

The chances are you want to get better at it. This means you have a craftsman’s mindset about that task.

The truth is we’re all wanting a feeling of fulfilment, and that tends to come from intrinsic value.

What I’ve learnt is that you need the craftsman’s mentality to become really good at what you do. It’s easier to do the ‘work’ when it’s intrinsically rewarding.

The way I see it, getting paid for what you love, that’s living for a living.

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