Who needs coaching?

If you’re feeling confused, unhappy or stuck in your life – it’s time to take action. We all have our moments when we don’t know what the next step is but with my help, this can change. 

Do you find yourself saying

  • I’ll be happy and when…
  • I’ll feel accepted when…
  • If only I had the confidence I’d…
  • When I’m ready…

Do you often feel

  • Misaligned
  • Anxious or stressed
  • Choked by time
  • Inauthentic
  • Stuck
  • Secretly afraid

I help you to find clarity in your situation. We navigate through difficulties, not by pushing you or letting you lean on me but by working together and guiding you with encouragement to overcome obstacles and helping you to find your own way.

If you are facing any of these difficulties: 

  • Struggling to make difficult decisions
  • Feeling in an emotional mess
  • Confusion and feeling stuck
  • Knowing what you want to do but don’t know how to get there
  • Wanting to make a change but have no Idea where to start 

Then give yourself some clarity.

When you are ready

  • I get you really clear on what’s right and possible for you
  • We turn that vision into a strategy and plan
  • I get you in control of your thoughts and emotions so you have the mindset to succeed
  • We build habits, systems and skills so you have the means and energy to deliver the your project
  • I help you subtract everything that gets in your way

I help you get moving in the right direction, instead of just knowing what you need to do, it’s time to start actually taking meaningful action. 

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is a great way to get perspective and find what you’re looking for. I can help with anything from finding your dream job, starting a business to helping you create a life of purpose and meaning. I don’t just tell people what they need, I provide a safe space for clarity of thought and guide them towards it until we both know when something’s right. 

Coaching works for business leaders, business owners and anyone else who want true success, to feel energised from what they do, and truly thrive in all aspects of their life.

What is coaching?

I’m not an “Action Coach” and I don’t have a one size fits all template.  What I do is unique, just like you and exactly what you want your life to be.

I work with you on a deep level to understand your business, your career, your life and create something unique that is representative of who you are and what you want to bring to the world.  

I help you develop a winning strategy and transform it into actions. Actions that subtract the obvious and add the meaningful while eliminating the unnecessary. We create systems that enable you to organise and prioritise.

We get you really clear on what’s right and possible for you. An action plan that incorporates who you really are, who you want to become and what you want to create within your life.

Together we will safely and confidentially deal with the present and look to the future. I will listen to you without judgement or bias and share my experience and feedback. I will support, guide and encourage you to help you to expand your horizons and take meaningful action.

Can’t my friends or family help me? 

I’m sure they can but only to a point. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed of your current situation and your friends and family may not always have the appropriate tools to help you. Our loved ones often don’t challenge us or tell us things about ourselves due to fear of damaging our relationship or hurting our feelings. More often than not though, they do give unwanted advice that only makes matters worse; share similar problems without any real solutions; just complain alongside us because misery loves company.

I will take your issue seriously- no matter what it is, and give you an objective perspective that’ll empower you make decisions for yourself.

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