A unique coaching experience

In the Swedish wilderness. This is a special life coaching intensive that I only offer twice a year.  In May and September I bring together two of my passions to create an extraordinary experience of powerful life coaching with a canoe trip.  

Adventure in a life coaching intensive

We will talk and coach the whole time. You bring your biggest dreams and darkest fears and we deal with them all, forever.

We fly to Gothenburg in Sweden and then take the train to Bengtsfors. After gathering supplies in town we take a canoe and paddle towards Gustavsfors on Lake Lelang for 2 days. We stay on tiny uninhabited islands during the night, sleeping in wooden shelters, hammocks or tents (depending how wild you want to go) and have our dinner from the fire.

On the 3rd day, we traverse onto Lake Vastra Silen, where we spend a final night under the stars, before turning south to complete our trip into Hemgården.

This is a truly unique and deeply transformative experience. Immersed in nature, away from the noise of the city, you not only experience deep coaching, but the silence on the water creates a special opportunity to listen to your own inner wisdom and learn from within.

Along the way you’ll learn how to paddle, a heap of wilderness skills and just how resourceful you really are.

A life coaching experience you’ll never forget

I promise you, when you return, you’ll never experience the world the same way again.

Intensive Life Coaching Canoe Trip
I only have one space in the canoe. If you’d like it give me a call 07956 863 456
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